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New Year New LVL
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New Year New LVL

2023 Recap

2023 was a year of growth and progress for Team LVL. We launched products that you loved, augmented our sustainability efforts, and engaged with the community. We partnered with run clubs, golf tournaments, and recreational sport leagues. Our mission at Level Select is to help all people rise above the physical hurdles that come with time and repetition. We aren’t just a tool for recovery, but a collective for motivation and growth. You all make this happen, so with all our sincerity, thank you.

Best in Class Products

We launched an array of new products, including our bestselling Rookie of the Year: LVL 3 Sport Recovery Patches. Additional rookies we added to the roster included the Daily Sport Lotion and rotating CBD Flavor Drops.

The 2023 MVP (and your favorite) was the LVL 3 Sport Cream, which helped over 10,000 athletes ACHIEVE, RECOVER, REPEAT. The 6th Man Award (and fastest growing product) was our Restful Sleep Gummies finishing 2023 at +60% year over year. Apparently, we don’t have to tell you that a good night’s rest is critical to sport performance.

Sustainability Efforts

We slimmed down on packaging, reducing our carbon footprint across manufacturing and transportation efforts. This packaging optimization also helped the Team manage costs, so despite the inflationary environment we were able to keep your prices flat. Our mission is to make top-tier wellness products accessible to all. Anyone looking to summit their Everest should have the tools to do so.

Community Engagement & Support

During 2023 we rode our Peloton a total of 2,438 miles over 192 hours. You want to know the best part about that? We did it with thousands of you riding with us. We also partnered with run clubs, golf tournaments, and recreational sport leagues. Our mission is powered by your journey.

You spoke and we listened. We engaged in surveys, collected feedback, and worked to improve our product offerings. You gave us over 1,700 5-Star reviews, with a total rating of 4.54/5.00 stars. We appreciate the feedback, so keep it coming. Like you, we’ll keep working at getting better.

The Next LVL: 2024

With 2023 in the books, we’re looking to the future. We’ve been busy in the lab formulating new products. As always, efficacy and quality are our top priorities. All products are designed by Team LVL docs for athletes, to deliver results you can feel. Level Select’s approach isn’t just about masking discomfort but addressing the root cause. When it comes to sport performance & pain management, quality and expertise matter. Trust the LVL difference.

Rookie Phenoms: New Functional Gummies

This one is big. We’re excited to announce our new line of functional gummies for enhanced sport performance and recovery, coming soon. We took our Energy, Sleep, and Immune gummies back to the lab to maximize efficacy. We’re also thrilled to announce the newest member of the gummy squad: Dynamic Recovery. Formulated for accelerated relief, rapid reusability, and enhanced mobility.

Vital Energy Gummies

Our new Vital Energy Gummies are thoughtfully formulated with premium CBD + our proprietary Natural Energy Complex: D-ribose for core energy ignition, natural caffeine for smooth energy production & endurance, and Cordyceps for metabolic function & oxygen utilization. Take for pre-sport energy ignition & vitality surge. High potency for maximum performance boost.

Dynamic Recovery Gummies

Our new Dynamic Recovery Gummies are crafted with premium CBD, Tart Cherry, and Univestin® for post sport pain & soreness relief. This means rapid joint reusability and enhanced joint mobility. Univestin is the accelerated-action ingredient that provides lasting comfort and long-term safety. In clinical studies, Univestin® has been shown to enhance joint comfort and mobility. 3-day stiffness reduction, 5-day discomfort relief, and 7-day improved range of motion. In addition to that, we added Tart Cherry extract to boost your body’s natural inflammation response. This is what we mean by rapid reusability and enhanced mobility.

Restful Sleep Gummies

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right? Well, sort of. We took our Restful Sleep Gummies and reformulated them to improve efficacy and flavor while reducing sugar. Formulated for revitalizing rest, melatonin supports sleep cycle regulation and acts as a deep sleep torrent. Lemon balm supports calm and reduces stress. Take 30 minutes before bed to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Get the rest your body needs to fully recover and recharge.

Immune Defense Gummies

We recrafted our Immune Defense Gummies for maximum immune system fortification and free radical defense. Here’s the secret sauce: Vitamin C for immune function enhancement and powerful antioxidant cavalry. Vitamin D for enhanced infection and disease shield. Elderberry for immune response boost and symptom mitigation. It's that simple. Take whenever you can’t afford to be sick. For us at Team LVL, that’s pretty much all the time.

Together these powerful gummies provide the ultimate sport performance advantage. Recover Faster, Go Farther.

  • Vital Energy Gummies for pre-sport performance boost.
  • Dynamic Recovery Gummies for post sport pain and soreness relief.
  • Restful Sleep Gummies for essential, revitalizing rest.
  • Immune Defense Gummies for anytime immunity fortification.

Additional CBD Innovation

Be on the lookout for our new line of CBD Sport Caps: Focused Energy, Total Body, and Rest Easy. The Focused Energy Caps are thoughtfully formulated with premium CBD + our proprietary Organic Energy Complex for enhanced cognition and mental sharpness. We crafted our Total Body Caps with premium CBD + our proprietary Omega Complex for rapid relief, accelerated recovery, and total vitality support. Finally, our Rest Easy Caps utilize premium CBD + our proprietary Gaba Omega blend for a deep torrent of mind and body calm. Rest, Recover, and Recharge.

Back by popular demand, we’re thrilled to announce the return of a trusty veteran and fan favorite: Unflavored CBD Daily Drops! But don’t call it a comeback. Since retirement, these drops have been in the gym working and are coming back with +25% more CBD for stronger levels of relief and faster recovery. For the LVL 2 Unflavored Daily Drops, that’s 3,000mg CBD per Unit / 50mg CBD per Use. We’re also pleased to announce the introduction of our LVL 3 Unflavored Daily Drops at 5,000mg of CBD per Unit / 83mg CBD per Use.

Finally, we’ll continue to offer new seasonal Flavor Drops. Be on the lookout for our winter edition: Chocolate Mint. Perfect for mixing with an evening cup of hot cocoa for a relaxing and warming night cap.

Level Select GUT

At Level Select our mission is to provide enhanced sport performance for all people. At launch our primary focus was CBD. Since then, we’ve broadened our knowledge and understanding of the body and how different anatomies impact sport performance. An area that became obviously important for this (along with other critical physiological functions including cognition, immune function, nutrient absorption, mental health, and digestive comfort) was gut health. As we broached the topic more, we discovered how critical gut health is to all physiological functions.

With that, we’re ecstatic to announce the upcoming launch of our latest Level Select subline: Level Select GUT. Our first wave will include two SKUs: Daily Enhanced Probiotic Caps and Daily Enhanced Probiotic Gummies. Formulated for optimal gut health, these Pre+Pro+Postbiotic have 10 Billion CFU and 16 Probiotic Strains packed into a patented delivery system. That means this is the hardest working probiotic in the game. Optimize excretion, maximize performance. Stay tuned for more information on the Gut x Performance connection and updates on launch!

We're excited about the future of Level Select, and we hope you are too. Stay tuned for more updates and let's have a great year!

Team LVL

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