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The new era of sport performance is here. Team LVL docs have been busy crafting, designing, formulating, and reformulating. The lab has been busy, but we think we got these just right. We’re beyond excited to introduce our newest rookie phenoms: New & Improved Functional Gummies! Formulated with premium CBD + powerful active ingredients for energy, recovery, sleep, and immunity. As always, efficacy and quality are our top priorities and all products are created for athletes, so they deliver results you feel. Level Select’s approach isn’t just about masking discomfort but addressing the root cause. When it comes to sport performance & pain management, quality and expertise matter. Keep reading to learn more about the LVL difference.

New Vital Energy Gummies: Reformulated for max pre-sport performance boost.

Our new Vital Energy Gummies are thoughtfully formulated with premium CBD + our proprietary Natural Energy Complex for a powerful and smooth pre-sport performance boost. The Natural Energy Complex is comprised of: D-ribose for core energy ignition, natural caffeine for smooth energy production & endurance, and Cordyceps for metabolic function & oxygen utilization. Take for pre-sport energy ignition & vitality surge. High potency for maximum pre-sport performance boost.

New Dynamic Recovery Gummies: Formulated for enhanced mobility and rapid reusability.

Our new Dynamic Recovery Gummies are crafted with premium CBD, Tart Cherry, and Univestin® for post sport pain & soreness relief. This means rapid joint reusability and enhanced joint mobility. Univestin® is the accelerated-action ingredient that provides lasting comfort and long-term safety. In clinical studies, Univestin® has been shown to enhance joint comfort and mobility. 3-day stiffness reduction, 5-day discomfort relief, and 7-day improved range of motion. In addition to that, we added Tart Cherry extract to boost your body’s natural inflammation response. This is what we mean by rapid joint reusability and enhanced joint mobility. Remember, the faster you recover the farther you’ll go

New Restful Sleep Gummies: Reformulated for deep sleep and essential revitalizing rest.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right? Well, sort of. We took our Restful Sleep Gummies and reformulated them to improve efficacy and flavor while reducing sugar. Formulated for revitalizing rest, melatonin supports sleep cycle regulation and acts as a deep sleep torrent. Lemon balm supports calm and reduces stress. Take 30 minutes before bed to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. In case you forgot, sleep isn’t a luxury. It’s a non-negotiable necessity. Get the rest your body needs to fully recover and recharge.

New Immune Defense Gummies: Reformulated for max health fortification.

We recrafted our Immune Defense Gummies for maximum immune system fortification and free radical defense. Here’s the secret sauce: Vitamin C for immune function enhancement and powerful antioxidant cavalry. Vitamin D for enhanced infection and disease shield. Elderberry for immune response boost and symptom mitigation. Take whenever you can’t afford to be sick. For us at Team LVL, that’s pretty much all the time.

Together these powerful gummies provide the ultimate sport performance advantage. ACHIEVE. RECOVER. REST. PROTECT. REPEAT. Again, and again, and again.

o Vital Energy for pre-sport performance boost.

o Dynamic Recovery for post sport pain & soreness relief.

o Restful Sleep for revitalizing rest.

o Immune Defense for anytime immunity fortification.

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