Level Zzz: 30 ml Oil Drops 900mg CBD with Melatonin

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  • 1200mg Hemp-derived Broad Spectrum CBD
  • 40mg CBD per serving
  • 3mg of Melatonin per serving to help promote rest and relaxation
  • Natural vanilla flavor
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Net weight: 1 fl oz (30mL)
  • 0% THC

Level Zzz CBD Oil Drops have 1200mg of Broad Spectrum CBD offering 40mg of CBD per serving. With a soothing Vanilla flavor and infused with 3mg of Melatonin, Level Zzz CBD Oil Drops are perfect to add to your nightly routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ingredients are in Level Zzz: 30 ml Oil Drops 900mg CBD with Melatonin?

MCT Oil, CBD Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, Melatonin, Natural (Vanilla) Flavor.

How much of the CBD Oil Drops should I use?

We recommend taking one dropper full (1ml) twice a day.

How many servings are in each bottle of Oil Drops?

60 1mL servings

How do I use the CBD Oil Drops?

The CBD Oil Drops can be taken under the tongue (hold for 30-60 seconds to let them absorb) or mixed with water, tea, etc.

How long does the product last?

The expiration date is printed on the bottom of the box and the bottom of the bottle.